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Lemme tell you about motherfucking Porunga. He ain’t about that 1 wish rule son…. my dude will give you 3. You want to resurrect an entire planet? I got you. Need to revive Krillin for the 6th time? Look at my muscles, infinite respawns ain’t nothing to a boss. Shit on Shenron all day

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u can do it lil guy

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willing to flirt with anyone and anything to get what i want

i just bought my ticket for animate miami yes yes yes yes now i need someone to go with me 


"are you really going to wear that?"


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all 3 hunneds, I’m 5hunna swag swag try to stop me I’m based

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i got a $281 ticket today and im hoping i can get out of it so i dont have to forfeit my whole life trying to pay my raised insurance and my dreams of becoming president bc i happened to go 58 in a 30 zone


every night when my gf strokes my peanus i laugh at her cause lol shes touchin a dudewang, thats so gay. “your gay” i say to her “your literally so gay, touchin mandong. thats what gay dudes do.” haha. ive been single for 3 years

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